National Ice Hockey League Division 2 (South)

Alan Green is feline fine!

11th August 2016    News

Alan Green the cat, is over the moon that his namesake, free-scoring forward Ice Hockey player, Alan Green is once again lining up with the Oxford City Stars.

Alan Green the cat, didn’t provide any notable quotes but the Ice Hockey playing human Alan Green,  was more accessible  “I’m so happy to be back at Oxford after the great year  that the team had and with all the effort going on behind the scenes it is very refreshing  to see ….. And regarding the ‘cat’ well, it’s not every day a pet gets named after you!!”

Alan Green, is an Oxford born forward who is known as one of the best goal scorers in the division, started his career at Oxford in 2004 and has well over 200 goals to his name across those seasons.  Green has also had spells at Swindon, Wightlink, Slough and Chelmsford in that time is admired by many opposition fans as a talented sniper. The re-signing of Green to Oxford will be a boost to City Stars fans where Green has become an adored fan favourite and key player to the crowd as well as his furrier fans.

Owner of Alan Green the cat the Paul Dodd said “When the kitten arrived with us it was 5 weeks old and very poorly! My Daughter named him Alan Green after her idol!  He’s her hero..she’s convinced she’s going to be as good as Greeny on the ice one day. She’s got one of his broken sticks and shirts in her room too”

Dodd added “ My Daughter is dumbstruck that her hero was in the house with Alan Green the cat having the photo done, who now, no one else is allowed to stroke,  as the real Alan Green has held him!!”

The human Alan Green declared  “I thoroughly enjoyed last season. It was a season to remember. But now we have to look forward and focus on the new challenge. I was very pleased to play for the coach again as we go back a long way and He also gets the best out of me.  Simon has been working tirelessly from the end of last season to put a team together that is a contender for the league and with that It’s great to see so many Oxford born players still in the squad, but also nice to have others wanting to play, boost  the team and push individuals for their spots.

Oxford Head Coach Simon Anderson summarised “Its great to have Steamy (Alan Green) back, he is the complete package. Total team guy, who plays solid in all three zones, a great leader and is a scoring threat whenever he is on the ice. He is someone that you would rather have on the ice for you than against you and he will give other teams defence a hard time on every shift. I will be looking for Alan to lead us again in scoring and help us to again be at the top part of the standings. I cant wait to  see Alan back in action, in yellow next season.”

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