National Ice Hockey League Division 1 (South)

All you need to know about the playoffs

14th February 2020    News

With the second half of the season in full swing, we are fast approaching the play-offs for the Britton division! Below are all the details on qualification and the play-off format.

1. Who will qualify?

Of the 10 teams in the division, the top 8 at the end of the season will qualify for the play-offs.

Streatham, Solent, Chelmsford, Slough and Bracknell are all guaranteed to make the play-offs. The remaining two places look likely to go to the Stars and Raiders 2 who need a maximum of 6 points from their remaining games. Cardiff and Milton Keynes will hope for a strong end to the season and leapfrog the teams above them.

2. What happens to those who qualify?

Firstly, there will be the quarter-finals. First position will play eighth, second will play seventh and so on. This is over two games on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April.

The winners of these legs will progress to the semi-finals. This will be in Bracknell on 11th April. The winners of this go on to the final, also on Bracknell on Sunday 12th April.

3. Does winning the league or the play-offs lead to promotion?

No. The league structure is not decided by performance. While changes occur in every league almost every season with teams moving up and down, it is not based on any on-ice results.

4. How are the Stars looking?

Oxford need just 6 points in their remaining 11 games to guarantee a place in the play-offs. However the team will be aiming for higher. The stronger the league position, the easier the run will be through the semi-finals.

5. How can I watch the play-offs?

Should Oxford make the play-offs, we will provide details on the quarter finals.

The finals weekend tickets are already available here:

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All you need to know about the playoffs

14th February 2020


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