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16th June 2020    Buy Rx Adipex

Order Real Adipex

Oxford City Stars have re-signed D-Man Adz Andrews for the new campaign.

Andrews who signed for the Stars midway through last season from Telford Tigers 2 is looking forward to returning.

He said: “It’s great to be back, having come midway through the season last year I was gutted when the season was cut short.

“When I joined back up with the Stars, I always said it held great memories for me and coming back didn’t disappoint. Nothing beats playing in front of the Oxford faithful so my decision was easy, and I cannot wait to get with the boys.

“Having spoken to Dean a lot during lockdown I’m excited to hear his plans for the Stars this season and the fans most certainly will have a lot to look forward to once the squads complete.

“I hope all you Stars fans are safe and healthy and look forward to seeing you come the season start.”

Andrews has enjoyed a long career including spells at Coventry Blaze, Nottingham Lions, Swindon Wildcats and Solihull Barons. He previously played for the Stars between 2004 and 2006.

Head Coach Dean Birrell said: “Adz is an experienced D-Men who will be a calming influence in the squad. He is a big character and will play a key part in supporting the development of the younger players, while ensuring we are tight unit and competitive.”


You can help back the club by sponsoring Adz’s home and away jerseys via our popular Own and Loan programme. Sponsor the home or away jersey for £100 – or both for £150.

And new this year – you can have your name (personal name or company name) on the player’s jersey. These are the jerseys Adz will play in – you would own and loan them to Adz and receive them at the end of the season. Buy Xanax On Black Market

Buy Valium Nz

Buy Valium 2Mg Online Uk

23rd June 2020

Buy Valium Nz

Oxford City Stars have completed the signing of teenager Ethan Mayoh. The D-Man spent last season at the Blackburn Hawks and the Altrincham Aces. Mayoh, 19, is an exciting... Buy Valium Roche Online

Buy Soma With Codeine

20th June 2020

Buy Ambien For Cheap

Oxford City Stars have launched club branded face coverings – to help protect fans and support the NHS. All profits from the face coverings will go to the Oxford... Buy Phentermine.Com

Order Adipex From Mexico

18th June 2020

Order Generic Adipex

Oxford City Stars have bolstered its forward line by re-signing goal scorer Matt Lawday. Lawday, 29, put pen to paper to commit to his fourth season at Oxpens. The... Generic Ambien Dosage

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Stars swoop to sign Mayoh

23rd June 2020


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