National Ice Hockey League Division 2 (South)

Match Report – Bracknell AWAY (13/10/2018)

On each of the encounters last season when the Bracknell Hornets and Oxford City Stars shared the same ice, the Hornets were the team to walk away victorious.

16th October 2018    Match,News

The highly anticipated meeting with the Hornets this season took place this past weekend at the John Nike Sports Complex in Bracknell. There was a large amount of travelling support to cheer on the Stars as they put on an impressive display to sink the Hornets by 9 goals to the 6 scored by Bracknell.

Less than 3 minutes into the opening period, the Stars were unfortunately hit with a penalty through Darren Elliott being awarded a 10+2 penalty for boarding. This power play for Bracknell is what lead to them scoring their first goal, which was netted by former Stars player Ben Ealey-Newman, putting themselves in front early on in the evening. Ironically, only a minute after scoring the Hornets were the ones to go on the penalty kill. Oxford made the most of their time with the man advantage by Dax Hedges sinking the puck in the net to level the score. To the Stars despair the score didn’t remain level for very long as the Hornets soon went on to score their 2nd and 3rd goals to hoist them back into the lead once again. While the Stars didn’t go into the first intermission with the advantage, Tom Davis did manage to narrow the gap with a magnificent cannon of a slapshot from behind the blue line, which whipped it’s way past the Bracknell netminder at great speed to take the score to Bracknell 3 – 2 Oxford.

The second period is where the change of direction for the game change the most. The score was levelled again, Oxford went into the lead, the score then ended up even again before Darren Elliott sunk one into the Bracknell net to the Stars in front and this is also the position they stayed in for the rest of the night. Before the buzzer went to signal the end of the period a further 2 goals were scored by Oxford and one was scored by Bracknell, leaving them trailing behind by 2. The other goals during the second 20 minutes of play were scored by Lee Richardson, Joe Edwards (twice) and Michal Oravec for Oxford; while the Bracknell goals were scored by Jakub Fojtik.

With the third period in session, Joe Edwards went on to score yet another goal to earn himself a hat-trick less than 5 minutes into the final period. Following a slight disagreement on the ice penalties were dished out to both sides as Jake Florey got a 10 minute personal misconduct while Carl Graham, of the Bracknell Hornets, sat in the box for 2 minutes on an interference call. Following both teams returning to 5 skaters, Bracknell went on to score their final goal of the evening. The rest of the period saw some end to end action with the final bit of real excitement coming when Josh Oliver scored the 9th and final goal for the Stars with an empty net goal due to the Hornets sacrificing their goalie for a 6th skater in a final push to keep the score gap as slight as possible.

The Bracknell Hornets winning streak against the Stars came to an end as Oxford fought tooth and nail and ended up being the better team on the night. They took the 2 points with them as well extending their winning streak of the season from 5 games to an impressive 6 game streak.

– Courtney Millard

Photography: Kevin Slyfield

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