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Match Report: Stars Vs Streatham

19th September 2016    Buy Rx Adipex

Order Real Adipex

Period 1:

Josh Florey opened the shot count for the Stars in the first few minutes. Streatham retaliated but Tom Annetts made the first crucial save for the Stars. Both team’s nerves then began to settle and after 3 ½ minutes of play Oxford looked promising on the attack. Darren Elliot cut a pass in the Streatham zone, all alone he fires a shot but it’s wide.

Oxford were dominating the first period and as the game started to become physical a scrap developed in front of the net. Josh Oliver then found the top shelf after a beautifully timed pass in front of the net from Darren Elliot. The home fans roar. 1-0 Oxford. The second for the Stars came seconds late from a combo between Michael Whillock and Joe Edwards. Oxford now 2-0 up. The fans loving the early onslaught.

With 12 minutes to play in the first period, the whistles start to sound, and the penalties start to flow. First, Streatham’s Oravec for interference and then Oxford’s Alan Green for holding. 4 on 4 hockey ensues and the pressure builds. Streatham’s Steve Fisher let one fly from a distance and again Tom Annetts was there to save the day. Moments later Oxford’s Andrew Cox is down after a check to the head from Chris Wiggins which doesn’t go unnoticed and Wiggins finds himself in the penalty box with a 2 + 10.

Over the next 5 minutes Oxford hit the post twice – Elliot & Green – and a number of blocked shots leaves the team looking for opportunities. It doesn’t take long as a text book pass from Darren Elliot across the goal mouth allows Josh Oliver to find an open piece of net to shoot at. Oxford lead 3-0 and Josh Oliver with his second of the night.

Streatham push hard in the dying minutes of period 1 and despite a couple opportunities fail to make the scoreboard. Tom Annetts putting on a solid performance in net for Oxford in front of the home fans. Oxford lead at the end of the first, 3-0.


Period 2:

The opening minutes of period 2 was a back and forth affair with Streatham digging deep and finding more shooting opportunities. Tom Annetts undoubtedly on fire with save after save. Streatham desperate to find a goal, force the Oxford defence to work hard but not for too long – Darren Elliot slips the puck to Jake Florey who lets one rip from the blue line and finds net. The crowd on their feet and a cheer of YELLOOOOOWS fills the rink. 4-0 to Oxford.

Penalties start to come again – Joe Edwards for interference. Streatham on the powerplay but as they attempt to regroup Jack Tarczycki finds himself in the penalty box. It’s 4 on 4 for a few seconds and as Joe Edwards steps out of the box he accepts a glorious pass from Alan Green in front of the net and it’s in. The crowd roar again. 8 minutes down with 12 to go in the second. 5-0 Oxford.

Streatham strike back with their first goal – Adam Wood, unassisted. 5-1 to Oxford. Is it too little too late as Streatham take the opportunity to swop net minder Will Sanderson for Euan King?

Simultaneous penalties for Oxford’s Jason Ikin (charging) and Streatham’s goal scorer Adam Wood (cross-checking). It’s 4 on 4 hockey again – Streatham pilling on the pressure and push forward after a scrappy play in front of the Oxford net. 5-2 Oxford. Josh Florey gets blown for hooking. It’s now 4 on 3 – Streatham powerplay! They tick, tack, toe around the edges of the zone and eventually find Sean Scarborough in front of the net who puts it to the top shelf past Annetts. You can’t save them all Tom, unlucky. Time out called by Oxford – score now 5-3 to Oxford.

The team regroup after the time out and Oxford attack again, so do Streatham. Oxford, Streatham. Oxford, Streatham. 4:16 let in the 2nd and both teams looking hungry for it. Oxford push hard in front of the net. Several rebounds and looking promising but the net is off its moorings and the whistle goes. Callum Best for Streatham gets 2 minutes for hooking – Oxford powerplay.

Oxford on the march again, crashing the net for their sixth of the game. This time it’s Ben Ealey-Newman who finds the top shelf assisted by Dominic Hopkins. YELLOOOOOOOWS once again fills the rink. Oxford lead 6-3.

With 6 seconds on the clock Streatham’s Adam Wood is penalised for slashing, steps into the box and slams the bench, he’s given his 2nd +10 of the game for personal misconduct and is sent to the showers after what can only be described as “an obscene gesture” towards the home fans.

The puck is dropped, the buzzer sounds and its Oxford who lead 6-3 at the end of the second.


Period 3:

Oxford start the third on the power play and despite setting up camp in the Streatham zone a cut pass leads to Streatham’s Michael Oravec getting past the Oxford defence on a 2 on 2 and moving the score line to 6-4 with a shorthanded goal.

Not to be shown up in front of the home crowd Ondrej Pekarik slides the puck across to Joe Edwards who fires a pass from the corner, across the front of the net to find the stick of Ben Nethersell who wastes no time in putting between the pipes for Oxford’s 7th goal of the night. 7-4 Oxford with 15 minutes to play and the powerplay now over.

Oxford attack again, a poetic dummy shot from Ondrej Pekarik leaves King flailing, he then releases a golden shot and the puck flies in effortlessly. Beautifully setup by Darren Elliot & Ben Nethersell this time. The crowd again on their feet chanting YELLOOOOOOOWS.

Streatham now digging deep, find a 1 on 1 opportunity but Sean Scarborough is denied again by Tom Annetts. What a game Tom’s had and just 10 minutes to go.

Streatham dig a pass out from behind the net to find Joe Johnson in front of the net. Goal to Streatham. 8-5, Oxford still in the lead. With just over 7 minutes to go Streatham on the attack again, a couple of rebound opportunities but the net comes off its moorings and play is stopped.

5 minutes to go – Oxford turn on the defence as the clock ticks down.

3 minutes to go – Oxford realise they don’t need any more goals. Just keep Streatham at bay. Chris Wiggins of Streatham hits Joe Oliver hard in the corner and he’s down – Wiggins gets a massive round of boo’s. Stoppage in play as the crowd and players wait to see if Oliver’s alright. Eventually he’s up and the home fans cheer him off.

Streatham with another close encounter on Tom Annetts who defends his crease like a man possessed. Oxford come under attack in the final few moments and with less than a minute to go Annetts saves again. The ref calls Streatham’s Chinn with a 10 minute personal misconduct which will see Oxford finish the game on the powerplay and as the clock counts down from 10 the home crowd roars to drown out the sound of the buzzer, Oxford players spill over the boards to celebrate their first win of the season. Oxford 8, Streatham 5.


Man of the match for Streatham              #6          Dave Savage

Man of the match for Oxford                     #78        Ben Healy-Newman


Jarred Rex Taylor

Order Valium From Canada

Buy Xanax On Black Market

23rd June 2020

Order Valium From Canada

Oxford City Stars have completed the signing of teenager Ethan Mayoh. The D-Man spent last season at the Blackburn Hawks and the Altrincham Aces. Mayoh, 19, is an exciting... Buy Diazepam 10Mg Bulk

Buy Alprazolam Online Pharmacy

20th June 2020

Buy Soma With Codeine

Oxford City Stars have launched club branded face coverings – to help protect fans and support the NHS. All profits from the face coverings will go to the Oxford... Buy Ambien For Cheap

Buy Ambien From Canada

18th June 2020

Order Adipex From Mexico

Oxford City Stars have bolstered its forward line by re-signing goal scorer Matt Lawday. Lawday, 29, put pen to paper to commit to his fourth season at Oxpens. The... Order Generic Adipex

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Stars swoop to sign Mayoh

23rd June 2020


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