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TicketCo Guide – how to buy your ticket

Oxford City Stars is working with a new ticketing system with our partners TicketCo this season.

The new system should ensure you enter Oxpens quicker this season on a matchday and avoid long queues.

Here is a simple guide to buying your season ticket online this season via the new platform.

On your smartphone In the Apple App store or Google Play store search for TicketCo Wallet. Download and install the app.

Purchase tickets using the app:
1. In the TicketCo Wallet app, click Buy and search for Oxford City Stars
2. Select “Oxford City Stars Season Tickets 2019/20”
3. Select the number of each season ticket type you require (for family tickets, you just need to select one family ticket for the whole family)
4. Click “Place your order”
5. Confirm your selection and click “Please continue”
6. Enter your contact details and names of all season ticket holders
7. If you haven’t already, add your credit card details
8. Continue through to the checkout to complete your order

Purchase tickets online Online:
1. Open our season ticket website:
Buy Rx Adipex
2. Select the number of each season ticket type you require (for family tickets, you just need to select one family ticket for the whole family)
3. Click “Place your order”
4. Confirm your selection and click “Please continue”
5. Enter your contact details and names of all season ticket holders.
6. If you do not have access to a smartphone, there is an option to choose printed tickets. We recommend that most fans use e-tickets as this is the quickest way to get to the games
7. Enter your payment details and click pay
8. To access e-tickets, log onto the TicketCo Wallet app

Latest News

Order Phentermine K 25

23rd June 2020


Upcoming Fixtures


Get your tickets online