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Stars Too Strong For Huskies

Match Report: Haringey Huskies vs Oxford City Stars, 11/11/2017

14th November 2017    Match,News


Another day, another hockey match and another victory for the Oxford City Stars as they travelled to the beautiful Alexandra Palace in London to take on the Haringey Huskies at their home rink. The match started off slower than a lot of the previous games the Stars have played this season, but the final score of Haringey 2 Oxford 11 is just the kind of score Oxford fan have seen many times so far since the start of September.

The match was played on the evening of Armistice Day, and a minute of silence was impeccably observed before the National Anthem was played. Soon afterwards the puck was thrown onto the ice for start of the first period. There was a handful of good chances for the Stars in the first period, however at the end of the first 20 minutes of play the score was a narrow 2-0 lead to the Stars. The goals were scored by Josh Oliver and Dax Hedges. Connor Redmond and Stewart Tait took the assists for the first goal with Martyn Gray and Matt Lawday sealing the assists for the second goal.

The second period saw more action than the first; 4 goals were scored as well as a penalty shot being awarded to Oxford. The Stars scored their 3rd and 4th goals via Conor Redmond and Kamil Kinkor – assisted by Alex Staples & Josh Oliver, and Jason Ikin & Dom Hopkins respectively. On looking for Oxford’s 5th goal, Alex Staples was tripped on a breakaway opportunity to which the Stars were awarded a penalty shot. The shot was taken by Conor Redmond, but despite a nice deke and well-placed shot, Haringey’s Jussi Lynch Grut make a great save to deny Redmond the goal. It was half way into the period, and the match, that Samuel Park scored the first goal for the Huskies. The assists for the home side’s opening goal came from Daniel Clayton and Stuart Appleby. One further, unassisted, goal was scored by Dax Hedges for the Stars and Jason Ikin was given a 10+2 minute penalty for checking to the head before the second period came to a close.

In the third period, Josh Oliver scored again for the Stars after receiving the assist from Matt Lawday. Following this, the Huskies scored their second of the night, courtesy of Daniel Clayton as the scorer alongside Edward Lay and Perry Whitlock as the assisting players. At this point the score stood at Oxford 6, Huskies 2, but the Stars then went on to score a further 5 goals before the conclusion of the match. Josh Florey scored 2 goals in succession with assists from Dom Hopkins & Alex Staples, and Kamil Kinkor & Josh Oliver. Having already assisted on 2 of the evening’s previous goals, Staples scored a goal with the help of Tait and Redmond. Sealing the deal on his hat trick, Josh Oliver scored an unassisted goal to simultaneously take Oxford’s goal tally into double digits for a 4th match this season. The final goal of the evening was scored by Dax Hedges and Josh Florey was the one to offer the assist for it.

Final score Huskies 2 Stars 11. Another match in which goals were scored left, right and centre, the Oxford City Stars walking away with 2 points under their belt and Dax Hedges being awarded the Man of the Match for the Stars trip to Ally Pally.

Courtney Millard

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