National Ice Hockey League Division 2 (South)

Stars Win Five In A Row

Match Report - Stars Vs. Haringey Huskies (Away)

9th October 2018    Match,News

The away trip to Ally Pally is always a fan favourite out of all the fixtures in the calender for the season. While the weather wasn’t particularly brilliant on Saturday, the lights spanning the skyline of London on the way out after the match was still quite the spectacle, which undoubtedly looked even better after walking away with a 4-1 victory.

The first period saw no goals conceded for either team. The opening 20 minutes saw some end-to-end action for a good portion of the period. Both the Stars and the Huskies had decent chances to score without anyone managing to get the puck into the back of the net, mainly due to solid performances by both Mark Duffy and David Wride between the pipes.

The second leg of the match saw the start of the flurry of goal scoring as well as Tom Davis and James Buckingham dropping the gloves on each other within seconds of the puck being back on the ice. A mere 44 seconds into the second period, Dom Hopkins opened up the scoring with a cannon of a slapshot from the blue line. Going top-shelf over the netminder’s shoulder, the assists came from Alex Staples and Joe Edwards.  Soon after that a second goal was scored by the Stars thanks to Michal Oravec and Josh Florey. Now with 2 goals up, the Oxford went on the penalty kill as a result of Matt Lawday being given a goalie interference penalty after he was seemingly pushed onto said goalie by one of the Huskies defencemen. When the penalty came to an end, Davis soon scored another goal to put the Stars up 3 goals to none. Before long the 4th Oxford goal was scored by Josh Oliver, assisted by Matt Lawday. With only 45 seconds remaining in the period, the Huskies snuck one past Mark Duffy to score their first and only goal of the evening. The goal scorer for the home side was Sebastian Downing with Stewart Appleby and Mark Robinson following up with the assist.

All the action seemed to take place in second period, so the final period saw nothing much happen beside a couple of minor penalties. The final score ended up being the same as it was at the end of the period before. Oxford reigned victorious with a 4-1 lead over the Haringey Huskies.

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Stars Hit Back To Claim Away Victory

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