National Ice Hockey League Division 1 (South)

Supporters Club

The current Supporters Club was formed in 2003 and is run by an elected committee. The Supporters Club has 4 main aims as defined in its constitution. These are as follows:

• To provide a source of support for Oxford`s senior Ice Hockey team.
• To provide a line of communication for the supporters to and from the team and others.
• To provide financial and material support as and when appropriate.
• To further the appreciation and enjoyment of the sport for the supporters.

The Oxford City Stars Supporters Club is independent to the Oxford City Stars, although it works closely with the Stars Management. By joining the Supporters Club you have the opportunity to be involved with the ongoing development of Oxford City Stars.

We have put together a revised membership package which you can view from here. At the cost of £5 for the whole year this represents exceptional value. One of the new benefits that we are able to deliver is a saving of 33% on official Stars travel. You will also receive a book of vouchers which will entitle you to discounts on merchandise.

Finally for now if you have any questions regarding the Supporters Club then you can also e-mail us on

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