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1st July 2016    News

Oxford City Stars & Oxford Ice Rink are proud to announce that the Window end of Oxford Ice Rink, is to be renamed “The Elliott End” during Oxford City Stars matches, in honour of Norman and Darren Elliott who have given so much to Oxford Ice Hockey through the years.

Norman Elliott, who passed away in 2011 was an employee at Oxford Ice Rink, maintaining the Ice surface and looking after many of its customers across the years.  Norman was also a fierce supporter of Oxford City Stars Ice Hockey club along with his wife Lorraine who still attends Stars matches today.

The Elliott Family have three children, Tracey who has attended Stars games since she was a child, Phil who dabbled in the playing side but is now one of the clubs official photographers and Darren.

Darren Elliott, otherwise known as “Mr Oxford” has played for Oxford City Stars across 20 years, amassing over 400 appearances for his home town club and scoring 250 goals in the process.

Darren Elliott was blown away by the gesture by the rink and Oxford City Stars “Wow!! What an amazing gesture by both the rink and the club. I was overwhelmed by the comments that people had posted for both me and my dad to be entered in to the voting lists for the names of the new stands but was well aware that these were to be named after previous or retired players. When it was announced that Scott Gough had won the vote for the all-time favourite player,  I wasn’t surprised as this was a player that I grew up watching and had the pleasure of later playing alongside and becoming very good friends with.

Scott then went and publicly wrote that he wanted to honour the stand to my Dad Norman as he had also known him for many years and become friends with over a period of years through hockey in Oxford, unknown to Scott was that I was  contacted by the Board of Oxford City Stars to tell me that they had been in talks with the rink to rename the far end  as “the Elliott end”  in memory of my Dad and to also show recognition for my accomplishments and achievements during my 25 years of service to Oxford City Stars ice hockey club.

This is an amazing mark of respect to me by the club and an absolute honour to share the same area and achievement with the man who started me here, my dad.”

Stars Director James Schall added “We are incredibly proud of our heritage here at Oxford and we wanted to recognize key individuals in our history, to add them to our match day environment to pay respect and honour them.  Ice Hockey players give their all for very little reward and we as a club need to recognise and thank long term commitment better” Schall continued “ We always wanted to name one end ‘The Elliott End’ and we were going to save that as our last announcement, but the clamour from fans calling for Darren and Norman to be involved as choices for voting grew and when Scott Gough,  who won the first vote to name a Stand after him, requested publically that the Stand he was selected for, be re-named the Elliott Stand, we couldn’t stand by to keep it a secret any longer!”

Doubling the fantastic news for Oxford and the name Elliott – Mr Oxford himself Darren Elliott put pen to paper this week, re-signing for the City Stars.

Elliott 35 who had previously coached the club, stepped away from the management side to concentrate on his on ice play, is a solid forward, who brings aggression and desire to the team.  Darren’s love for his home town city and club is unquestioned and Oxford City Stars are proud to feature the number 77 on their shirts again.

Head Coach Simon Anderson declared “It’s great to have Darren back. Having an Oxford team without Darren Elliott is just unthinkable and I am looking forward to working with him again. It goes without saying that Darren will again be our Captain, it’s a role he will always fulfill, whilst I’m coaching here and thats because, he has the total respect of the boys, everyone listens when Darren has something to say and his passion for the club rubs off on the rest of the team. I have also asked Darren to continue in assisting me with coaching duties. This is the third season that myself and Darren have worked together and we seem to have a really good relationship that works perfectly for the organisation

Speaking with Darren the last few weeks, he is really excited with the team that has been built and cannot wait to get started. I will be looking for him to again play his solid two way game, lead his line in the scoring stakes and help us to have a successful season.”

Darren Elliott summarised a quite emotional week for him by saying  “To sign here again this year is so exciting, this club means the world to me and to be around again for another season is amazing.  I have played here for almost all of my hockey life and seen this club go through so much. We have been at rock bottom with hardly any crowds to now being one of the top contenders in the league and pulling in some of the best supporter numbers.

The position this club is in right now is the best I’ve ever seen it and the takeover by the new directors possibly made this one of the most exciting year to come. We have attracted some top players from other clubs and this alone speaks volumes for where this club is heading. With our head coach Simon Anderson adding players of this calibre to an already home grown bunch of players who work tireless for and play for each other the way we do, then this season has the potential to be the best this club has seen for some time!”

I look forward to pulling the much loved stars jersey on again this year and now can’t wait to get on the ice with Simon and the boys and start preparing for what is going to be an amazing season ahead.”

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